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Bullying Prevention

RSU 4’s Bullying Policy and Bullying Report Forms:

Attention: Bullying report forms are only to be used to report incidences of bullying. Accusations of bullying are taken very seriously and all reports are investigated. Investigations take time and effort from administrators, therefore filling out this form must be done seriously and truthfully. Misuse of this form is prohibited and the consequence for lying, that can be found in the handbook, will be used for false reports. Before using this form, please read RSU4’s bullying policy located at the link below. 

Policy Link:

 Report Form Link:

Please Print the form off, fill it out and then submit it to the office at your school.

 Helpful Information

Below are some links that lead to a website that provide advice and suggestions regarding bullying

Links to Olweus Violence Prevention Works Website:

 Find tips and resources for parents here:


If you are unsure if another student, friend, family member, or child is being bullied, look here:


Need to know how to recognize bullying or are not quite sure what is considered bullying? Go here: