Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction

Kathy Martin Director of Curriculum, Assessment & Instruction @rsu4DirCAI

Phone: 1-207-375-4273 Ext: 3

District Committee List:

Curriculum committees are an important component of the RSU #4 process of collaborative group work. The goal is to ensure that the curriculum that is used by teachers is current, and curriculum changes have input from stakeholders who will be using content with students. Committee members volunteer every year for a committee of a content area. Each school has at least one teacher as a committee member. Committee members work on assessments and curriculum initiatives and vote on committee issues. The teacher committee member represents their school and communicates all committee projects and progress to their school community. Communication takes place through staff meetings, professional learning community meetings and through sharing of meeting results through electronic mail.

Each curriculum committee meets at least bi-monthly. Committee members address curriculum questions, new state and district requirements and new initiatives through their work. Curriculum committees ensure that curriculum standards are up to date and meet district and state requirements. Standards and benchmarks are also reviewed when the state mandates new state standards. Curriculum committees are formed to review new programs and pilots and provide recommendations to administrator teams and the school board’s curriculum sub-committee.

The following is a list of our current district committees:

  1. Proficiency-Based Education Committee
  2. Literacy Committee
  3. Mathematics Committee
  4. Science Committee
  5. Social Studies Committee (to begin in SY 18-19)
  6. ESEA Committee
  7. Drop-Out Prevention Committee
  8. PEPG Steering Committee
  9. Technology Committee