Collaborative Planning Team

Team Members

Kristy Ouellete (Board Member-Non Voting)

Kathy Martin

Andrew Carlton (Facilitator-Non Voting)

Jody Gray

Marco Aliberti

Jeremy Young

Allyson Casares

Jen Williams

Heather Libby

Crystal Cloutier

Betsy Haskell

Eric Daniels

Magan Brown

Hannah Dieterich

Amy McDonough

Ames Denis

CPT: March 2, 2022 Zoom Meeting (2:30 PM)

CPT will be meeting and the following is the link for the general public to join. The public will be allowed to attend the live meeting but will not be invited to speak. The meeting recording will be uploaded to YouTube on March 3rd.​89916394123?pwd=​SitodEQwY1V6aE5QaDI3cGFzVW50Zz​09

Meeting ID: 899 1639 4123 Passcode: fS7x24

RSU #4 SY21-22 Fall Plan Feedback Survey

We are inviting all stakeholders to give the Collaborative Planning Team as well as our RSU #4 Board of Directors feedback on the Fall 2021 plan as outlined in this document. Feedback, both positive and constructive, will help us understand how to strengthen our plan to meet the needs of all our stakeholders. We invite all students, staff, families and community members to complete the following Google Form to provide their thoughts and suggestions. Thank you for your time and being partners in our student’s education!

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