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Anthem Notice regarding Covered COVID Tests

As the spread of COVID-19 continues across our communities, employees’ health remains Anthem's top priority.  To help ensure adequate access to COVID-19 tests, members have the ability to order COVID 19 Tests kits directly from the Sydney Health mobile app or purchase the test kit at a pharmacy or retail store and file a paper claim with Anthem or file the claim on-line using the Sydney Health mobile app or

-Available for people who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to COVID-19

-Are available at no cost for a limited time when ordered online

-Kit, including 2 tests, arrives in approximately 2 business days

-Shows results in 10 minutes

-Can order additional kits in 3 days, as of February 12th the restriction will increase to 7 days

-Not required to obtain a physician referral or order


Purchase COVID-19 OTC Test Kits at the pharmacy or retail store

-Test kit must be authorized for emergency use by the FDA as a self-administered and self-read test in order to be covered

-Member will need to complete the claim form (attached) and attach a copy of the store receipt or submit on-line through the Sydney app or

  • For Sydney APP: go to Claims, Online Claims Submission
  • For login into your member portal on and go to Claims & Payments, Submit a Claim

-If filiing a paper claim, in the Diagnosis section write COVID 19 Test Kit

-The receipt should include the following information:

•Name of organization providing the service; ie. CVS, Target, etc.

•Name of the patient - write your name on the receipt

•Date service was provided

•Description of service, COVID 19 Test

•Charge for Test Kit

-Not required to obtain a physician referral or order

Testing options:

  • Visiting** for information on free tests that may be available through government programs.
  • A doctor’s office, a pharmacy or health clinic, or an urgent care center. Members can use Anthem's COVID-19 Test Site Finder to find a testing location close to them.
  • OTC diagnostic COVID-19 tests available at local pharmacies and grocery stores.

Anthem's COVID-19 Resource Center at​  and select Find a Testing Center to see their local testing options and check their state guidance for the latest local COVID-19 recommendations.

Covid-19 up-to-date information

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Members Assistance Program

-- Memeber's Assitance Program (MAP) is  here to help you with everyday problems and questions, big or small. No need to fill out paperwork or make an  appointment to speak with your Member Assistance Program (MAP) staff member. Just call 855-686-5615 or visit You’ll be connected in an instant. They are here every day to help connect you to the support and referral services you need — day or night at no cost. Put your mind at ease. Need some help getting your hands on legal forms like wills, or tips on buying or selling a home? Looking for information on emotional well-being? New to town and looking for a daycare center? Need pet care? Help for these and many more of life’s demands can be found at You have up to 3 free counseling visits per issue. Call the toll free number and a representative will help you get started with complete confidentiality. Get to know your MAP better at You’ll find ​articles, checklists, quizzes and other  helpful tools online. You can browse resources, attend a webinar or take an online class — right at your own computer. Here are some topics covered: } Meeting the needs of work and family } Finding child and elder care } Giving and receiving feedback } Handling grief and loss } Parenting a child with special needs } Living within a realistic budget } Addressing addiction and recovery } Dealing with identity theft } Managing stress Your privacy matters. Remember, MAP is here for you 24/7, so you can call from wherever or whenever it is convenient for you.Your privacy is important No one will know you’ve called MAP unless you give permission in writing.* When you need answers, let MAP give you a helping hand. Just call 855-686-5615 or go to and enter MEA Benefits Trust