image of back of school bus
Director of Operations
Understanding School Bus Lights and Stops

There have been numerous accidents, injuries and even deaths as a result of motorists not abiding to school bus stop signs and lights. We (Video Communications) created the video below in our effort to help reduce such accidents

  • What the different lights on the school bus mean
  • When to stop at bus stops
  • Where to stop when reaching a bus stop location
  • When to proceed after students load or unload
  • stops at different types of roadways
Transportation & Facilities

Steps to find your Child's Bus Run

  2. LOOK FOR A.M. or P.M. Run

FIRST RUN = Grades 6th through 12th

SECOND RUN = Grades Pre-K through 5th

Please note that the bus run does not show every address as a safety measure

For each run, the addresses start at the beginning, in the middle and at the end If the address next to yours or after your is there, use this as a time gauge for your stop.