Strategic Plan

  1. We expect learners to demonstrate proficiency in the learning standards by providing educational and co-/extra-curricular systems and programs that are empowering and equitable. 

    1. We ensure that learning standards are transparent, clearly defined, and sequential. Instruction and assessment are customized to allow all learners to demonstrate proficiency.

      1. Adopt or develop a continuum of measurement topics based on the Common Core State Standards and Maine Guiding Principles for English/language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, world languages, visual and performing arts, career and technical studies, and health and physical education. This curriculum must include content, habits of mind and complex reasoning.

      2. Train teachers in classroom and instructional practices that empower the learner, share responsibility for learning, and allow for multiple pathways to demonstrating proficiency in the standards at teacher pace or faster.

      3. Provide resources to teachers to support the development of units, project based learning experiences and a variety of assessments.

      4. Ensure that students know what it is they need to learn and how they can demonstrate proficiency.  Teachers, parents and learners work together to manage learning and track progress.  

    2. We ensure that learners will demonstrate growth in attaining the highest level of standards.  Learners that do not demonstrate growth will be provided with intervention, remediation or enrichment instruction to ensure achievement of proficiency.

      1. Research and implement interventions to move all learners to proficiency.

      2. Develop or adopt a system of regular data collection (progress monitoring) to inform instructional decisions making for the purpose of ensuring learner proficiency.

      3. Research and implement interventions to move all learners to proficiency.

    3. We ensure that all learners have access to alternative means to demonstrate proficiency across standards for content, habits of mind and reasoning processes.

  1. We use technology to ensure that all learners achieve proficiency in standards adopted by RSU 4.  

    1. We use data and research to drive decisions about curricula, professional development, programs, instruction and assessment.

      1. Annual Data Analysis by building Leadership Teams to monitor continuous improvement in learner performance in reading, math, science, and social studies. VPA, PE and Health, Career and Technical and World Languages will be phased in.

      2. Update technology plan to provide and maintain technology for use by learners in reaching proficiency.

      3. Evaluate and adopt a system of data storage and retrieval that provides current and cumulative data on each learner’s proficiency and can be accessed by learners, parents, and staff. System will include RSU4 standards as well as resources and a variety of assessment options. 

    2. We ensure the use of all available 21st Century tools and technology to facilitate learning. This commitment is reflected in the standards, instructional practices, assessments, and professional development adopted by RSU4 staff.

      1. Develop and implement a Professional Development plan to improve use of Web 2.0 tools and new technology.

      2. Technology, software, websites and on-line learning are available to all learners to facilitate proficiency, engage learners and allow for choice.

  1. We create a safe environment for learning that is supportive, respectful, inclusive, nurturing and collaborative, where all learners have a voice and choice and are empowered to learn.  

    1. We ensure that all learners collaborate in the design of structures to manage behavior as well as classroom and other learning environment procedures. 

    2. We provide a coordinated school health plan to support healthy behaviors.

    3. We develop peer leadership to increase social responsibility and to promote student safety.

    4. We address the needs of At-Risk learners through school intervention teams and Drop Out Prevention activities.

  1. We ensure that physical plant affordably and sustainably supports equity and safety across all schools in RSU4.  

    1. We ensure that safety plans and procedures are in place

    2. We develop comprehensive long range facility plans to address energy efficiency, employ current technology, manage fiscal efficiency and safety of learners.

  1. We actively build a collaborative partnership with families and the community to carry out shared responsibility for our children’s learning

Point Person: 

  1. We involve families and community members in identifying the priorities of RSU4 related to our mission statement

  2. We involve parents and community members in district wide opportunities for planning and information sharing.


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